About Us

Welcome to the HoneyTeam!

How did we get here? Well, what started as an idea, has morphed into the ultimate lifestyle brand, a home away from home for women wanting a little more out of their everyday household attire.

OhSoHoney is a female fashion-forward brand with a focus on finding the sweet spot between professionalism and comfort. We want you to feel appropriately dressed for a workplace environment, whilst still feeling at home in your house.

We provide fabulous fashion and the latest trends at a price point you will love. A safe place to splash some hard-earned cash so you can look good earning that #HoneyMoney!

OhSoHoney was created with the intention of celebrating women. We pride ourselves on the ability to empower our customers, to be confident and express their sense of style through the latest trends, from a place of comfort.

Our dedication to fashion, style and making our customers feel great is thought out carefully with each piece, that is hand-selected and designed to keep you inside...but wanting to go out ;p