Creatively Shaped Paper Clips

£9.99 £19.99

Ergonomics and aesthetics are important to us. Which is why we want you to look good while doing paperwork! And we definitely got both these areas covered with our Creatively Shaped Paper Clips. Our paper clips are shaped like diamonds, letters, pineapples, hearts and diamond rings with rose gold metal to keep all the papers on your desk organized and in place.

The rose gold paper clips come with stainless steel to ensure that an elegant metallic look. But what we love the most about our Creatively Shaped Paper Clips are the different design options that make it stand out from your normal paper clips. Choose from diamonds, letters, pineapple, hearts and diamond rings.


  • Choose from Unique Designs - Our Creatively Shaped Paper Clips come in different designs and a rose gold color that will add a chic touch to your office desk! Stand out from the crowd with unique designs to choose from.
  • High Quality Stainless Steel Material - Our Creatively Shaped Paper Clips are crafted from high-quality tempered stainless steel to ensure durability and longevity.
  • Extraordinary Detail - Featuring a smooth design, excellent design curve, perfectly rounded sides, and extra delicate designs on all of the paper clips to make each clip perfect

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