Desktop Trash Can


No more worrying about the paper trash or the pencil shavings in your office. With this Desktop Trash Can, you don't have to get up all the way to go and throw your trash in the bin. Simply stuff all your trash in this Desktop Can and empty it at the end of the day. This item will not only save your time and effort but with its elegant look, it will look amazing on your table/desk.


  • Unique Design - The elegant and unique design of this can will make your office desk look clean, beautiful & organized.
  • Save time & effort - Now you don't even have to get up from your seat to throw trash in the bin.
  •  Can be used anywhere - Whether it's your office desk, bathroom, bed table, this Desktop Can will go with any place you put it.
  • Spacious - Don't go on the mini size, this Desktop Can hold more trash than you can imagine

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