Elegant & Retro Globe

£29.99 £49.99

The world in your office, home or wherever you wish! Elegance is the name of the game when it comes to the office. And we got you covered with our Elegant & Retro Globe. That's why our Elegant & Retro Globe has a vintage look and is made with ABS material to ensure your office desk will stand out from the rest. 

Choose from different colors such as Black and Silver to Worldly Mustard, and match the look of your office. Plus, it also comes with a stand in order to ensure that your globe set will stay nice and sturdy at all times.


  • Vibrant Colors - Vintage vibrant colors make our Elegant & Retro Globe a very nice fit to any modern office or home
  • Attention to Detail - The piece is exclusively made of high quality plastic using the best care for details, providing a high standard.
  • Supportive Design: The axis allows for rotational movement of the globe while the wider base supports and prevents it from tipping over

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