LED Rechargeable Lamp

£27.99 £49.99

Light up your office desk with our LED Rechargeable Lamp! The unique, flexi design will add the final touches to your office desk and add a subtle air of elegance to your workspace. 

Designed and constructed with three brightness and three color temperature settings, it will be perfect for any and every time. The LED Rechargeable Lamp comes with a flexible frame so they are super stylish and easy to adjust! A timeless look and the perfect complement for your home office or company workspace.


  • Complete For Your Needs - The unique pen holder bottom design will add more space for you to store your stationery at your desk and hold your phone! The dual charger and plug power will elevate your work experience
  • Modern, Simple yet Elegant - Our LED Rechargeable Lamp is simple yet elegant. Its modern aesthetic will look great on any office desk
  • Eyesight Protecting LED - Our lamp is made from eyesight protecting LED to ensure your eyes don't suffer while working for longer hours

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