Magnetic Floating LED Globe

£39.99 £69.99

Travel the world while at your office in style with our Magnetic Floating LED Globe. With a unique design that focuses on clean and simple aesthetics. With its elegant look combined with a sleek surface, our globes will look gorgeous on your office desk! 

With our unique modern design, who would not be impressed by a magnetic luminous earth globe that stands wirelessly and without apparent physical support and in addition, directly connected? Frankly you have to see it to believe it! This cool office decoration comes with LED light feature, which makes a great display unit for your workspace.


  • Modern Design: Equipped with colorful led lights on the circular frame, the LED light can be turn off by a touch switch on the frame. There is a sensor switch on the bottom of the magnetic globe, when the frame led light is on, and the sensor switch detects the signal, the globe will glow.
  • Easy Installation - It is easy to install with the assistive tools included in the package. Once you get the globe levitating, give it a little spin and the globe will rotate without a hitch
  • Lovely Colors - It comes complete with a choice of beautiful colors to fit your office.

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