Modern Style Screen Hanging Lamp

£59.99 £99.99

The perfect balance between too much and not enough light, the Modern Style Screen Hanging Lamp will keep your eye health in check! Perfect for working late nights at the office, playing video games, doing homework and much more! Place it directly on top of your screen and adjust the exact lighting you need!

Our Modern Style Screen Hanging Lamp provides sufficient and non-straining lighting, protecting your eyes and ensuring eye-comfort while you do your work.


  • Light Up Your Workspace - Brighten your office surroundings to keep working efficiently and easily during the night
  • Extraordinarily Versatile - The light memory function and stepless dimming will ensure a seamless transition while decluttering your workspace of additional gadgets
  • Your Ultimate Choice - Bring smooth lighting to your workspace so you never burden your eyes while sitting behind your screen for longer hours

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