Multifunctional FM Radio Smart Clock

£43.99 £79.99

The use of our Multifunctional FM Radio Smart Clock is nothing short of ingenious! Simply place the smart clock on your desk and enjoy features like no other. Your workspace and the office will always have a trendy look and amazing features. 

This Multifunctional FM Radio Smart Clock can also double up as an FM radio. With it's stylish mirrored design, it can also be used a mirror for any last minute checks before you leave your room or the office. Its also has an LED screen makes it easily visible while offering a good sound quality.Features:

  • Projection Function - With our Multifunctional FM Radio Smart Clock you can project time with adjustable focus and 3-level projection brightness. You can even rotate the projection 180°!
  • Automatic Light-Adjusting - It also has a light adjustment mode in which, the projection brightness can adjust automatically according to indoor brightness.
  • FM Radio - Our Multifunctional FM Radio Smart Clock also has manual FM where the listening time can be set as well as an automatic search station.

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