Nordic Waste Bin


With the right accessory, you can efficiently manage the waste in your office or any space. With our Nordic Waste Bin, you can dispose of your garbage efficiently.
This garbage can is stylish and space-saving. It is also sanitary and quite hygienic to use and maintain. It is also incredibly easy to clean – just wipe it with a damp cloth or do a quick rinse.

The Nordic Waste bin is designed with a white round body, which is elevated by 3 wooden legs for that Nordic modern look. It has a spring top cover, which opens with just a slight push of a finger. It is equipped with an inner cylinder frame for your plastic bag to make waste disposal quicker and easier.


  • Perfect Waste Bin For Any Space – This round, white, plastic garbage can is the perfect wastebasket for your bedroom, kitchen, or bathroom. It features a minimalist design, which is perfect for any home. It is simple, modern, and ultra-functional. It won’t disappoint!
  • One-Press Garbage Can With Lid – This kitchen, office, and bathroom trash can will suit any space, and it offers minimal contact.
  • You only need to open the close the lid using just one finger. You can place it in any room. It conceals the garbage and prevents the bad smell from leaking out.
  • Easy Disposing Plastic Liner – No need to worry about the lining of this garbage can. It is equipped with a round interior frame that will keep the storage bags in place. It will keep the dirt off your floors, counters, or under-sink cabinets because of its elevated design.
  • Looks So Stylish – The minimalist and stylish design makes this trash can perfect for any space. It makes for a great housewarming or anniversary gift.

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