Unique Ceramic Hand Vase

£24.99 £39.99

 Looking for a gift that you can give your loved one? Well, how about our Unique Ceramic Hand Vase? Our Unique Ceramic Hand Vase has an eccentric and elegant design that would make a statement in any room. A unique flower vase is an essential part of the modern home and no matter the theme, this vase will be a talking point.

Designed for displaying fresh or dry flowers but equally as good as a standalone ornament to add some interest to your space. Our Unique Ceramic Hand Vase is a staple for every trendy home this year.


  • Unique Design - Our Unique Ceramic Hand Vase has a unique and abstract hand design that can hold the flowers with a flair for your office desk or workspace
  • High Quality Ceramic Material -  This vase is handcrafted from high-quality ceramic material to ensure stability and durability.
  • Aesthetic Contrast - The pure white color of the vase will be an aesthetically pleasing contrast to the vibrant color of any flower

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